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Since 1964, DOpla, an all-Italian family business , has been able to stand out in its ability to anticipate the needs of consumers for every occasion and time of day, thanks to a growth strategy based on investments in technological research.

Innovative products that are first-class in quality come together with a know-how that is truly Italian, with requirements and recognized certifications according to the main European standards, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, BRC and HACCP.

With the foresight obtained through its strong environmental and social commitment associated with a precise policy in regards to the quality of its products, DOpla has become one of the European leaders in the production of disposable plastic tableware and food containers, partnering with leading international distribution chains.


DOpla is the vision brought to life of a pioneer, Renato Levada, who first realized the potential in the use of plastics in the 60s, and knew how to translate what would represent future needs into everyday products. This led to his creation of SOME OF THE FIRST disposable tableware.

Fifty years later, today the Levada family has taken DOpla to a leading position in Italian market and in between major European manufacturers, with a network of "Made in the EU" manufacturing facilities and logistics platforms.

1964 - 2019

  • 1954 Giulio Natta discovered polypropylene, that when produced industrially revolutionized the way of life in homes around the world, entering into a part of Italian mythology during the economic boom. 1964 Silplast is founded, DOpla's first core, based in Casale sul Sile. Renato Levada began producing disposable tableware, a new phenomenon in the market of household items. The metro in Milan became operational.
    1969 Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon.
  • 1970 Following the sale of Silplast, Renato Levada founded DOpla S.p.A. Partnerships began with leading Italian distribution chains. 1976 the Concorde's first flight 1977 The first RAI transmission in color.
  • In the 80s DOpla went in technicolor, extending its range of products with colorful tableware and began creating private label products. 1982 The first computer, the Commodore, was made available for purchase. 1989 fall of the Berlin wall.
  • 1990 The first mobile phones went on the market. 1990 At the end of the 90s DOpla crossed the border, acquiring the DOpla Pap plant in Sušice, in the Czech Republic. 1991 Birth of the World Wide Web.
  • 2000 The Manfredonia manufacturing hub was created and DOpla completed its offering with the household line. 2002 The Euro currency was introduced. 2004 Facebook was created.
  • 2005 The Levada family assumed full control of the company, taking over the entire share capital of DOpla S.p.A. 2009 DOpla S.p.A. celebrated its first 45 years of activity in a ceremony inaugurating the group's new headquarters in Casale sul Sile, in the region of Treviso, Italy. 2010 A sign of the continous company's commitment to the environment saw the light of day: DOpla installed a solar panel system at the Casale sul Sile facility.
  • 2011 150 years of Italy's unification. 2012 Not just plastic anymore: DOpla S.p.A. bought shares of Benders Paper Cup Company Ltd., a historic British company founded in 1904 that specializes in the paper cup market.

    Conai and ANCI (National Association of Italian Municipalities) added plastic tableware to the types of products that may be recycled as packaging. From May 1st, plastic plates and cups can be disposed of together with bottles, plastic containers for liquids, detergent bottles, yogurt containers, plastic bags, fruit trays, etc.
  • 2014 DOpla blows out 50 candles and celebrates half a century of activity, characterised by innovation, quality and passion.

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A wide range of high quality products made ​​in white and transparent plastic to suit any kind of need at any time of the day, for any use!


A line for professional use. Many items that help your business.


Coordinated sets and original shapes that can be mixed together to make your party one of a kind!
A range of 16 colors with more than 160 sanitary and safe plastic tableware items.


A collection of patternd sets in paper and refined accessories for parties and the most important of events. Complete lines in all of their details to make every single moment unique.


Sets in colorful, transparent plastic. Chic and funky, they unleash the desire to celebrate.


It's a new generation of disposable tableware made ​​of materials derived from renewable sources.


The pleasure of Italian coffee begins with its cup! It's a line to enjoy the smell and taste of a 100% Italian ritual to its fullest!


DOpla x-table, a collection of design disposable tableware to bring joie de vivre to the table with a palette of pop colours with a matte finish. Made of polypropylene, 100% recyclable and suitable for microwave and freezer use, it is produced exclusively in the EU.

Certifications and certificates

From an innovator's dream came a wager that resulted in a successful business. In recent years, DOpla's mission has been comprised of entrepreneurial ambition, expertise, a strategic vision, work ethic, the ability to listen and provide timely responses, innovation, investments, and a strong sense of social awareness.

It's a commitment in complete respect of consumers as well as the environment in complete synergy with customers, employees, suppliers and partners.